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  • Patella Hammer (Queens)
  • device used to test reflexes
  • also used to break up scar tissue
  • metal handle with rubber head

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Product Description

Medical percussors are instruments designed to help physicians diagnose the condition of a patient’s internal organs and reflexes without the need for invasive procedures. There are various different kinds of medical percussors, each used for a different purpose.

Medical Reflex Percussors:

Reflex and knee percussors resemble small hammers with rubber triangle heads. They provide precise striking of the nerves that control a person’s muscles. Medical professionals will instruct the patient to sit up straight as the knee is tapped lightly with the percussor instrument. A straight out kick of the leg signals healthy reflexes

Percussors and Pain Treatment:
When a wound heals, especially an internal wound or tear, the formation of scar tissue or fascial adhesions can restrict body movement in the affected areas and lead to tension and pain. Fascia is the thin layer of tissue that surrounds, supports and connects the muscles and internal organs of the body. Excess scar tissue or fascial adhesion can cause many problems and discomforts with body movement. A medical percussor can be used in rapid succession to break up tension in scar tissue and damaged fascial tissue, giving the patient relief from pain and more freedom of movement.


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