‘Minimal’ shoes may reduce running injuries

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A new study by the University of Exeter explores the idea that runners who wear trainers with no cushioning and land on the ball of their foot rather than the heel put significantly less demand on their bodies, new research suggests.   Researchers compared how quickly the force acts when runners’ feet hit the ground… Read more »

Stuck for a Christmas Gift for a Sports Medic?

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  Relax…… we’ve rounded up a few book suggestions that might just help you out:   The Smell of Football by Mick Rathbone (ex Everton Physio) [thumbnail target=”_self” src=”https://www.medicalsforsport.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/The-Smell-of-Football1.jpg”] Life’s a Ball by Ian Liversedge (ex Oldham Athletic & Burnley FC, currently with Accrington Stanley FC) [thumbnail target=”_self” src=”https://www.medicalsforsport.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Lifes-a-Ball1.jpg”] Hands on Hearts – A Physio’s… Read more »

Here comes the New Season….

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Recently we’ve been talking to Gavin Blackwell, physiotherapist at Hednesford Town FC, who has been supporting the Football Medical Association in a number of ways, not least with his keen interest in everything football. Here he kindly gives us his insight into the pre-season challenges ahead………… [thumbnail target=”_self” src=”https://www.medicalsforsport.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/shutterstock_1854724011-300×193.jpg”] “The problem which faces the therapist… Read more »

WellsBeing Technique

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Bumped into a chap called Hector Wells recently at the Notts County FC Medical Conference who was promoting an interesting new technique called the WellsBeing Technique that seemed to create a lot of interest. It’s all to do with electrical charges in the body and maximising the influence of the charge generated from bone-connective tissues…. Read more »

Therma4 Roller delivers 4 basic principles of natural recovery

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Proper recovery is the key to overcoming pain and even though you may be more Joe or Jane Six Pack than Billy Twelvetrees or Maria Sharapova, that doesn’t prevent you from recovering like a pro. You may have heard of muscle recovery sticks before – there are many on the market, and all of them use different methods… Read more »

Sports Medicine for Young Athletes

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Last weekend, I attended a really well-organised FA Medical conference at St Georges Park – Sports Medicine for Young Athletes. [thumbnail src=”https://www.medicalsforsport.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Children-playing-sport2-1024×693.jpg”]   Several keynote speakers took us through the major factors affecting sports injuries in young athletes.   Sid Ahamed, from the Prestwich Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic, focused on the anatomy of youth players and… Read more »

Re-learning Squats

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There has been an interesting debate going on recently about partial and full squats. Many of us, who don’t perhaps have guidance from a specialist, often perform partial squats rather than deep, full squats. We are either merrily under the impression that we are doing it as it should be done, or we are perhaps anxious about damaging our knees. Whatever the reason,… Read more »

Taking movement back to it’s roots

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We’ve recently been running, in conjunction with Ed Archer (ex-Gloucester Rugby Strength & Conditioning Coach), some great new FREE 2 hour introductory Strength & Conditioning for Functional Movement workshops, concentrating on how to improve functional movement patterns. [thumbnail src=”https://www.medicalsforsport.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Ed-Archer5-300×225.jpg”] So often, the way in which we move, from sitting to squatting, has become far removed from the way the… Read more »